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the fine print and legal bit

Please Review Our Terms and Conditions

Your continued use of our services and this website signifies your acceptance of the below terms, conditions and policies.  We have attempted to make these as simple as possible to ensure they provide the satisfaction you need.

1.  Conditions of using this site

Everything Healthcare LTD is a company registered in England and Wales with offices located at: 71–75 Shelton Street
Covent Garden London  WC2H 9JQ – Registration Number:12626486

Everything Healthcare legally own a wide range of intellectual property rights used in and relating to this website, including:

  1. The Domain names: https://everything.healthcare
  2. From this point onwards the use of the name Everything HealthcareLTD shall include, refer to and encompass all website domain names listed within this agreement. Where applicable we shall also use the abbreviation EH
  3. The databases containing all business listings.
  4. The unique content featured within the pages of the site including all images displayed.

The websites detailed in this statement also provide information supplied by third party organizations which includes maps, licensed by Google and Tele-Atlas. Everything Healthcare  does not guarantee that this mapping information is accurate and may change without notice.

Your use of this website confirms your complete agreement with the conditions on this page. If you are in disagreement with any of the conditions contained herein, please do not use this website.

We may change these conditions at any time without giving you notice. Please check these conditions from time to time for any changes. By continuing to use the website you agree to any and all the changes we make to these conditions in the future.

Everything Healthcare accepts no liability of any kind for the quality of the information provided by it’s advertiser members and acts solely as introductory agent between site visitor and advertised business or therapeutic practise. Everything Healthcare state clearly and on record that any relationships formed, be they business or otherwise, between any advertised practise, member or business and visiting consumer are done so at the sole risk of both parties and we the owners and operators of Everything Healthcare and it’s subsidiaries and websites accept no liability for losses or damages of any kind or type regardless of however caused to either party.

2.  Your use of Everything healthcare

Everything Healthcare LTD provides an audit and vetting service to the healthcare professions listed on the homepage of this website and the ability for those practises that have been successfully audited to market their services on a business directory platform hosted on https://everything.healthcare/verified-members/

Everything Healthcare LTD also allows visitors to search for the goods and services of those successfully audited and vetted practises and to contact the organisations providing these goods and services. You are allowed to use the website for these purposes only.

Limitations of access to parts of the website may be in place depending on whether you have registered with us or not.

If you are a paying member, please refrain from telling other people your log in details which include, passwords, usernames or any other piece of information which may form part of our security measures. We take strict steps to prevent people misusing this website and to make sure both ours and your rights are not affected.

We process information about you in line with our privacy policy which is detailed below. By using the website, you agree to the way in which we process and store your personal information.

No physical products are exchanged between customer and Everything Healthcare LTD and all financial transactions made on this site are electronic in nature and processed via a 3rd party merchant (https://paypal.co.uk) using SSL encryption to maintain client security.

3.  You cannot use this website

a.  for any unlawful purpose;
b.  to harm, threaten, abuse or harass another person, or in a way that invades someone’s privacy or is (in our reasonable opinion) offensive or in any way unacceptable or damaging to Everything Healthcare LTD
c.  to create a mailing list, amend a mailing list, create a prospecting list or update or amend your businesses personal database of prospects.
d. to alter or amend another members’ records;
e. in any way which will affect the way it functions;
f. in any way which causes excessive amounts of stress to our communications channels or intentionally overloads the available bandwidth
allocated to this website; or
g. whilst running any automated monitoring software or copy the contents of this website or interfere with or attempt to interfere with how the website functions. Everything Healthcare LTD reserves the right to pursue offenders to these stipulations to the full extent of its legal power.

4.  Cancellation & Refund Policy

Everything Healthcare provides clear instructions in respect to services offered and requirements of prospective clients. In this respect no refunds are offered as standard once an application is submitted and decisions to refund any monies paid will be at the sole discretion of Everything Healthcare LTD and will only ever be limited to a maximum amount of £25

Upon requesting any form of refund, the requesting members account will be suspended with immediate effect and all directory listings removed pending refund processing.  The member requesting a refund agrees to and must remove the Everything Healthcare Official Seal within 24 hours of requesting their refund regardless of time left on their initial 12 month membership.

5.  Disclaimers

Both visitor and member use this website entirely at their own risk.

We advise all users of Everything Healthcare LTD and it’s website to ensure that they are happy with the nature of the business and service they are looking for within this site and encourage users to check all qualifications, references and guidelines of any business or service offered on this site before enlisting their services or using the products of any business promoted within this site.  Everything Healthcare is not a replacement for any individual’s own due dilligence and EH ecourages everyone to perform their own due dilligence prior to enlisting the services of any therapeutic practitioner.

You should not rely on this website for advice of any kind which may be best sought through a medical practitioner or other professional advisor to which you can speak on a face to face basis.  Everything Healthcare LTD and it’s websites or subsidiaries are not medical practitioners and do not dispense medical advice.

Everything Healthcare LTD reserves the right to change, alter and/or amend these terms and conditions without notice at any time to any member however any changes that affect any rights of any member or user to this site will be made available through a general mailer and / or notice of change.

Everything Healthcare LTD reserves the right to change, alter and/or amend any details relating to any free promotions, competitions or prize giveaways without notice or liability where no entrance fee or money in exchange for entry has been received. Any ruling on any promotions, competitions or prize giveaways regardless of whether entrance into said promotion, competition or prize giveaway was free or paid for is deemed final by the management of Everything Healthcare LTD and no correspondence relating to said promotions, competitions and/or prize giveaways will be entered into.

As far as all relevant law allows, Everything Healthcare LTD provide no guarantees whatsoever that:

  1. The use of this website will be completely free from problems, technical or otherwise; or
  2. The computers or servers used by visitors to log into this site will be free of any viruses or other harmful, malicious or damaging programmes.

6.  Limits to our liability

Everything Healthcare LTD accept no liability for inaccurate or false information placed on this website by advertisers or third parties.
Without exception, Everything Healthcare LTD as an entity; or, any person, agent or other organisation involved with or in the creation, production, promotion, maintenance or distribution of this website shall not be held liable for any loss or suffering of any kind by any means related to the use of this website or its contents or it’s listed members.

7.  The whole agreement

The above conditions make up the agreement in its entirety between Everything Healthcare LTD, and how you use this website and it’s services. If a court of law decides that any one condition is deemed invalid, all other conditions will still apply.

8.  Privacy Policy

Everything Healthcare LTD confirms that it will hold, for the purpose of the supply of the services related to the nature of this website, the information, certifications and insurance details submitted and transmitted to us by a user during registration and which are deemed necessary by the nature of the function of this website for it’s functionality.  Everything Healthcare LTD are never made aware of any credit card details used to purchase any subscription or product through this website. All transactions are processed through a third party credit card processing company (PayPal inc.) Details of their policies, procedures and security criteria can be found on their website by visiting http://www.paypal.co.uk – Everything Healthcare receives only a notification of payment received along with a unique reference number which can be used for payment verification. Everything Healthcare LTD never sells or makes available any details of any subscriber’s e-mail address or other personal information for the purpose of marketing or profit to any third party.

All information on this website or transmitted through it is secured by Positive SSL for your safety and protection as indicated by the “Padlock” icon in the url bar.

9.  Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small file which is placed on your computer’s hard drive and is used to positively enhance your usage of this website.

This website uses cookies in the following manner:
a.  To create a login session for the Business Subscriber.
b.  To track a visitors desire to receive newsletter subscription pop-ups upon entering the website

10.  The law

Although this website is hosted in the United Kingdom, it may be accessed from anywhere in the world. You are advised to check the law in your own country before making use of any business, service or information provided on this website. We reserve the right to take legal action against you in the country of your residence should the terms and conditions above be breeched.