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About Us

Everything Healthcare Ltd was founded on the need to provide the public with assurity and confidence that the therapist of their choosing was as comprehensively qualified to deliver the service offered and achieve the clients desired outcome as expediently as the need for the therapy allowed.

Qualifications and courses for therapists are largely unregulated by the government.  A good looking website and their word that their qualifications and insurance compliances are legitimate and meet a clients anticipated standards, are just not enough to protect the complimentary health industry from the irreparable damage that can be inflicted by a dangerously unqualified practitioner delivering a therapy, that could, potentially cause unintentional, yet serious harm to a client.

We believe that we all have a moral responsibility to our colleagues in practice, and the public as a whole, to ensure the chances of this happening are significantly minimized.

To this end, Everything Healthcare Ltd was founded by 17 year Hypnotherapy veteran and NLP practitioner, Murray Hewitt-Coleman.

Murray, who also has an industry background in compliance regulation vetting for some of the UK’s largest and most prestigious construction and logistics companies immediatly identified the potential industry damage that could be done by a poorly qualified or negligent therapeutic practitioner and what this damage could mean to all practitioners by pure association and generalization of the complimentary therapies.

As such, Everything Healthcare Ltd was born into existence to stand as an independent and neutral 3rd party with demonstrable experience in the vetting and verification of qualifications, insurances, experience and documentation of all therapists that choose to join.  

It is a responsibility we take extremely seriously.

Proven Success

Service Satisfaction Guarantee

Everything Healthcare are committed to ensuring your business practice is represented in the most professional manner.  Our bi-annual client survey’s are key to ensuring our clients have an open feedback forum and are representative of our commitment to your satisfaction.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of registration?

The decision to allow your Practice to be independently verified by an external body demonstrates an unrivalled commitment to ensuring your clients have the confidence they are looking for when choosing a therapeutic practitioner.

How long does verification take?

All new memberships are typically fully verified within 72 hours of application.  

This time frame can vary depending on various factors, such as:

  • Quality of submitted qualification images
  • Ability to secure references
  • Speed at which qualifications can be verified by issuing bodies
How will my Seal be sent?

Once your application has been approved, you will receive access details to the Members Only Directory.  Within your profile will be an embedded link to your Official Seal which will automatically link back to your profile once placed on your website.  The Seal itself is a transparent .png image which makes it suitable for all backgrounds.  An example of the Seal is below:

Why do you charge for this service?

The vetting and auditing of practitioner qualifications, insurances and other relevant paperwork is a manual procedure that is handled by actual people with years of experience coalating compliance related documentation for many of the UK’s largest and most presitgeous construction, logistics and aerospace organisations.  These and the subsequent costs relating to the running of a business require that this be a chargable service.  

Along with your Membership Seal however, you also receive completely free access to our Members Only Directory Service; a bespoke directory tailored specifically to our verified members and the most comprehensive, dedicated marketing platform currently available purely for Therapeutic Practioners.  You can view it here.

Why is my therapeutic discipline not listed?

If your particular therapy is not listed as being represented by Everything Healthcare, please contact us using the below contact form and we will review your request and the requirements for vetting as soon as possible.

What if my application is unsuccessful?

All requirements for a successful application are listed on the  application form.  If you are uncertain if a particular piece of information you posses will be accepted or not, please contact us before submitting your application.

What if my insurance or qualification expires?

Everything Healthcare will maintain a database of your document expiry dates.  Should any documentation expire during the course of your membership with Everything Healthcare you will have 72 hours to provide updated credentials.  Failure to provide updated documents will result in your removal from our database and forfeiture of any rights to use the Everything Healthcare Seal, as well as any remaining subscription term.  The cornerstone of our business is providing the public with the security of knowledge that all listed practices are fully compliant at all times.

Is Everything Healthcare a regulated body?

No. Unfortunately at this stage there is no Council or Government oversight of complimentary therapies.  It is therefore supremely important that independent bodies with in depth complinace auditing experience exist.  Not only does our service provide validation for therapists that their practices have met the strict professional criteria they already believe they hold, but gives their clients utmost confidence in their ability and practice competence. 

Is your service annually charged?

Membership to Everything Healthcare is contingent upon an up to date paid membership.

Why should a therapist be vetted?

The environment of Complimentary Therapies is widely unregulated by any overseeing body.  As someone looking to engage a complimentary therapist you should be provided with unbiased and clear confirmation that the individual therapist you are due to pay and provide access to you on a deeply personal level has met strict criteria set and monitored by an organization that stands as a neautral third party.

Your own personal wellbeing should be enough to demand that any practitioner you engage with meets the minimum criteria set by Everyting Healthcare and that they are members of our service.

What our clients think


I’ve been really delighted with Everything Healthcare Directory, it’s a wonderful site for Therapists which really allows you to showcase your service.

Everything is checked and verified, which is very reassuring because I want the people who use my practice to be confident that they are getting a good service, one that they know they can trust, and Everything Healthcare helps me to do that.

The service has been excellent and the Directory itself offers  many features that are so helpful when it comes to building contacts. Thank you Everything Healthcare.
Julie Flynn

Clinical Hypnotherapist, JMF Clinical Hypnotherapy